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Eye Necklace

$18.00 $25.00


Color: GOLD

Material: Chain (Stainless Steel), Pendant (Alloy)

*Each necklace is sold separately.

Measurements: 450X17mm

*Jewelry is Final Sale. No Returns/ Exchanges. 

*Stainless steel jewelry is known to be long-lasting and durable hard to tarnish. However, please always take care of your jewelry to prolong the color. Tap water or distilled water shouldn’t affect your stainless steel jewelry. However, we don’t recommend you take your stainless steel jewelry into the pool or the ocean. The high contents of chlorine and salt respectively do not react well with any type of jewelry. Regardless of stainless steel’s durability, there’s no real reason to expose it to elements that may damage it.

*Product care and maintenance: To keep your jewelry looking its best follow our below recommendations.

Store jewelry separately to avoid scratching, wipe away dirt and oil buildup with a soft cloth-preferably microfiber, dirt, and oil build-up will temporarily darken the appearance of the jewelry unless cleaned properly. When you notice any discoloration from residue on your jewelry, wipe the area with a piece of cotton fabric to restore them to a clean state.

Avoid direct contact with chemicals (lotions, creams, perfumes, oils, and other substances) that will contribute to fading.

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